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Your Incubator Team


Yonca Braeckman is the founder & CEO of Impact Shakers, a global impact ecosystem tackling complex societal challenges through inclusive entrepreneurship. She is a mission-driven entrepreneur and investor in underrepresented founders.


She helped build the Belgian and European tech startup ecosystems and as a mentor at SXSW, Slush Tokyo, Village Capital, Shapers Impact Capital and startup programs across the globe, she guided many startups on their first steps abroad. She built a new smart city hub in Ghent, Belgium, with an in-house acceleration program called Watt Factory. She serves on the board of different non-profits and is the curator of TEDxGhent and the Techstars Startup Digest Reading List on Impact Entrepreneurship.

She was selected as fellow in the inaugural Belgium's 40 under 40 in 2021.

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Yonca Braeckman

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Anaïs is the Marketing Manager of Impact Shakers. She is a marketing & business strategist with a proven track record within the startup ecosystem. She's a creative thinker with a digital heartbeat and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Besides being an all-things-marketing addict she is also a mom of three teenage daughters aka a full-time juggler.

Anaïs strongly believes in empowering underserved groups such as female entrepreneurs and other underrepresented groups. Because let's be honest, the startup scene is mainly dominated by an already privileged audience.


Anaïs Bouzidi

“It's so important to believe in yourself and trust that you can achieve anything, no matter what people say. And at the same time, meeting someone who will give you the tools to build your own story is essential. I was lucky enough to meet wonderful people who gave me that last nudge. And now I want to give you a nudge by teaching you what I know and helping you boost your business idea. ”

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Tinotenda is a Programme Associate at Impact Shakers. He is an innovative thinker who has developed effective marketing collateral for organisations across multiple digital media platforms. At KU Leuven, he served as president of Capitant Brussels, “the student’s gateway to financial markets in Belgium.”


Tinotenda is also a writer. His first book, The Black Opportunity, was published May, 2021 and is on venture capital and Afropean opportunity. He has also written articles on Medium and for Complex’s Greenlabel. In addition, having always wanted to make a difference, Tinotenda has held positions at non-profit organizations such as MCW Global, The Best of Both Charity, and Sight – Impact Brand. He worked on projects geared to advancing underdeveloped regions, especially regarding education and entrepreneurship in Africa.

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Tino Chibebe

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